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Bask in the Summer Blockbusters at Cinerama
It's getting warmer and that means the summer blockbusters are beginning. Cinerama has them covered with four fantastic flicks. Starting June 12, How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits the big screen promising an adventure. Not to be outdone by dragons, Autobots, Decepticons and Mark Wahlberg star in Transformers: Age of Extinction beginning June 27. In early July, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes finds humans devastated by a deadly virus and on the brink of war with their genetically evolved ape counterparts. Finally, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman star in the action-thriller Lucy which follows Johansson's character as a drug mule taken hostage. Lucy is at the Cinerama on July 25th. Grab your friends, family, and some chocolate popcorn and escape with us this summer.
Godzilla Comes to Seattle and Your Plate
Godzilla arrives to unleash destruction for audiences on the huge screen at Cinerama on May 16th. Thanks to a connection with Tom Douglas's Tanaka San restaurant, filmgoers can continue the carnage with Godzilla specials, including the Gojira Burger and the Godzilla Sake Bomb.
UFOTOG to Show 'New Cinematic Language'
The showing of Douglas Trumbull's UFOTOG short story at the Sci-Fi Film Festival will offer a powerful sense of immersion to the audience. Trumbull, an Academy Award winner and science-fiction pioneer used a new process he calls MAGI to create UFOTOG, a film about photographing UFOs. The film will be shown in 3D 4K 120 fps projection on Sunday, May 11.
Sci-Fi Film Festival in Full Swing
Cinerama's Science Fiction Festival will feature the world premiere of Douglas Trumbull's short film, UFOTOG, along with over three dozen of the genre's most beloved movies. The festival runs for 12 days beginning May 1st and will also include celebrity appearances by Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes, Alien's Tom Skerritt, Flash Gordon's Sam J. Jones as well as Mr. Trumbull, an Oscar-nominated visual effects director.
Mar. 03, 2014
NFL Films movie about Seahawks' Super Bowl season premieres at Cinerama
Sep. 17, 2013
Sounders documentary "American Football" by LEVYfilms to premier October 23 at Cinerama
Aug. 21, 2013
Seattle Cinerama Selects Christie for the World's First Permanent Cinema Laser Projection Installation
Aug. 17, 2013
Paul Allen's Cinerama theater to install world's first commercial 4K laser projector